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Mending the Pay and Employment Gap through Eco-entrepreneurship

Train the Trainer Programme

Key Features of the Programme:

Designed with educators in mind, our Train the Trainer Programme is structured to empower educators with the tools they need to effectively teach green entrepreneurship practices.

Educators Assessment Toolkit

Welcome to Mend the Gap’s toolkit designed specifically for educators! Our toolkit serves as a comprehensive resource, providing educators with the means to analyse and enhance the profiles of women learners, taking into account their existing competences and their goals for the future. This invaluable tool aims to bridge educational gaps and foster a more inclusive learning environment for women.

Directory of Services

Welcome to the Women’s Eco-Business Service Directory, your one-stop destination for empowering women entrepreneurs on their journey towards sustainable success!

This section of our platform is designed to connect women in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland with a curated list of invaluable services that cater to every aspect of establishing and growing an eco-conscious business and gaining financial independence.

Meet The Partners

Spectrum Research Centre

Virginia Shopping Centre

Virginia, County Cavan

Solution : Solidarité & Inclusion

106 rue du Chemin Vert 75011


Mobius Circle APS

sede presso Manifatture Knos

Lecce, Italy


Dimitras & Nikis 4

Larissa, Greece

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